Adding Desks

When in the Edit Desks Mode, adding a Desk will allow you to place a bookable Desk panel on the floorplan. Every Desk added to a floorplan in this mode will be added to the project database and can be accessible through other interfaces as well, like in the Employee Details form.

How to Add Desk Panels to the Floorplan:

  1. Enter the Desks Edit Mode by clicking the Edit button, then Desks, at the top right of the screen. The edit tools will now appear.

2. Click the Add button in the top toolbar. The new Desk Panel will appear at the top left of the floorplan.

3. Click and drag to resize and position the Desk panel on the floorplan.

4. Press the Save button in the top toolbar when you are finished in Edit Desks Mode. This will confirm changes made.