Embedding Floorplans in SharePoint

StaffMap projects can easily be displayed inside SharePoint. To do this, the SharePoint page will include an iframe referencing a StaffMap project on a server.

How to Embed a StaffMap Project in SharePoint:

  1. In StaffMap create a project with at least one floor.
  2. Make sure the project is accessible by entering it's URL into a browser.
  3. On a SharePoint page, add an embed element.

4. In the embed options screen, add an iframe tag with a source attribute pointing towards the StaffMap project's URL:

<iframe src="https://www.StaffMap.com/demo/default.aspx" width="800" height="600"></iframe>

5. Publish the SharePoint page.

Note - Embedded sources must be secure, using HTTPS. The source domain may also need to be added to specific list of sites allowed to embed in SharePoint. Instructions for this can be found on the Microsoft Support site here.