Adding an Employee Picture

An administrator can add images to Employee profiles as a visual reference for those looking for that employee. Employee images are displayed on floorplans along with the employee’s name. If employees are remote workers their picture is displayed on the map. All images are resized to 512x512px when they are uploaded.

How to Add an Employee Image:

  1. In the Sidebar Menu, select Staff.

2. In the Manage Staff list, select the Staff to be edited.

3. When the Staff Details panel appears, select the Edit button.

4. In the Employee Details panel toolbar, select the green Add Image button. This will open a File Explorer window.

The Add Picture button

5. Select an image in the File Explorer and select Open.

An image file selected in File Explorer with the Open button highlighted

6. Select the Save button in the Employee Details panel toolbar when the image is added.

NOTE: You can remove a Employee image in the 'Manage Staff' list by repeating steps 1 to 4 above, then selecting the red Remove button in the Employee Details toolbar. Select the Save button afterwards to confirm changes.