Active Directory Settings

Active Directory must be connected to StaffMap before initiating an import or syncing.

How to Set Up Active Directory

  1. Open a StaffMap project.
  2. Open the Sidebar Menu and select Tools > Project > Import.

3. Select Settings to access the Active Directory import options

4. Enter the Active Directory domain or IP address in the Server field, and click the test button to confirm connection, then click Save to confirm the configuration.

    • Enter a Username and Password if required.
    • Enter a filter to specify users imported. View search filter syntax here.
    • Choose an Active Directly Sync Interval, or leave at 'Manual' if no auto-sync is required.

How to Import from an Organizational Unit(OU)

It is possible to search an OU through the server field.

  1. Obtain the distinguished name (DN) of the OU you would like to import users from. The DN will look similar to:

OU=NA, OU=Browselab, DC=test,DC=com

The DN must contain the base e.g. DC=test, DC=com.

2. Enter the DN into the Server field.