Auto Sync from Active Directory

StaffMap can be set to automatically sync with Active Directory.

How to Enable Auto Sync with Active Directory

  1. Open a StaffMap project.
  2. Open the Sidebar Menu and select Tools > Project > Import.

3. Select Settings to access the Active Directory options.

4. If not done already, enter the Active Directory domain or IP address, user credentials if necessary, and click the test button to confirm connection.

5. Select an Active Directory Sync Interval.

Manual - The project will only sync when manually initiated through Tools > Import > Sync with AD.

Every Admin Login - Sync will occur whenever an admin logs in to the project.

Once a Day - Sync will occur once per day when an admin logs in to the project.

6. Select Save to confirm the settings. Auto Sync will be mapped based on the fields previously selected on the Sync with AD screen.