Import from Active Directory

Importing from Active Directory will only add users. It will not remove or modify existing users.

How to Import from Active Directory

  1. Open a StaffMap project.
  2. Open the Sidebar Menu and select Tools > Project > Import.

3. Select Settings to access the Active Directory import options

4. Enter the Active Directory domain or IP address, and click the test button to confirm connection, then click Save to confirm the configuration.

    • Enter a Username and Password if necessary.
    • Enter a filter to specify users imported. View search filter syntax here.
    • Select an Active Directory Sync Interval, or leave at 'Manual' if no auto-sync is required.

5. Select Import from AD.

6. On the resulting screen, use the dropdowns to map StaffMap fields to Active Directory fields.

7. Select Import to finalize your selections and import the specified users.