Managing Move Requests

Pending moves can be reviewed, and either approved or denied. When a move is approved, the employee will be automatically placed at the requested desk, and any existing employees will be removed.

1. In the Side Menu, select Tools > Moves > Pending Moves

2. A list of Pending Moves will be displayed. From the list:

  • Click the pin icon to zoom to a current desk (if it exists).
  • Click on the target icons to zoom to the target desk.
  • A green target indicates the target desk is currently un-occupied.
  • An orange target indicates the target desk is currently occupied.

3. Select a pending move to display more information about the move.

4. Edit the move request details, or select Approve/Deny. If a desk is currently occupied, the employee will be removed, and the employee specified in the request will be added to the desk. The old employee can then be found in a Staff list.

5. Completed moves will be visible in the Complete Moves list.