Custom Desk Classes

Custom desk classes can be added to visually style desks according to their names. For example, if you include a department naming convention in your desk names, you can assign different colours to desks depending on the desk name.

How to Add Custom Desk Classes

  1. Open the Sidebar Menu.
  2. Select Edit Styles.

3. Add styles using the syntax detailed below to the Edit Styles Field.

4. Click Save to confirm the changes. You may need to reload the page before you see the new styles.

Use the name of the desk in the title field to target the styles. The styles will be applied to any desk where the name starts with the title.

.deskpanel[title^="DeskName"] .PanelPic {  [Styles]  }


.deskpanel[title^="HR"] .PanelPic { border:4px solid yellow; }

.deskpanel[title^="Accounting"] .PanelPic { border:4px solid orange }

.deskpanel[title^="IT"] .PanelPic { border:4px solid blue }

Note - Styles can also be manually added to the ProjectStyles.CSS file (C:\Program Files (x86)\StaffMap 3\[Project]\ProjectStyles.css