Panel Themes

Panel themes allow you to change the look and feel of the panels in your projects. Additional themes can be created. Panel themes can be used to apply custom styles when exporting to PDF or printing to JPG.

How to Apply a Panel Theme

  1. Open a StaffMap project.
  2. Open the Sidebar Menu.
  3. Select Project Settings from the list of tools.

4. Select the Panel Theme dropdown to select a theme.

5. Select Save to confirm your changes. You may need to reload your page to see the new theme applied.

How to Make a New Panel Theme

Making new panel themes is easy, but requires knowledge of HTML and CSS. In local installations, project themes are found at C:\Program Files\StaffMap 2\_engine\Themes.

1. Create a new CSS file in the C:\Program Files\StaffMap 2\_engine\Themes directory.

Panel Theme styles must follow the name convention:

e.g. PanelTheme_GreenPanels.css

2. At the top of the CSS file, designate the fields to be included on panels in a comment with the following syntax:

/* field1, field2 */
e.g. /* lastname, deskname */

3. Add CSS to apply new styles to panels. You can target the designated fields with the syntax:

.namepanel #f_[field] }


.namepanel #f_deskname {
.namepanel #f_lastname {