What is a Dynamic Floorplan?

A dynamic floorplan is a self-contained StaffMap project that runs on an intranet web server or a website. Each dynamic floorplan is made up of server based .ASPX pages. The server that runs StaffMap requires Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and .NET Framework to be installed. If Active Directory is installed on the server, StaffMap can be set to allow auto-login, and can import and synchronize employee data. A dynamic floorplan cannot be run without a database on a server.

Normally, a web developer will host a dynamic floorplan on a company intranet, making links available to staff, clients, or customers from a portal or contact page. Dynamic floorplans can also be hosted on company websites in order to help customers, clients, and partners locate someone or something in a work space.

With a Dynamic floorplan, You Can:

  • Provide a searchable company floorplan for staff or clients.
  • Facilitate shared desk booking for a more flexible work environment.
  • Book equipment or other types of office space like meeting or server rooms.
  • Design perfect seating plans, optimizing team work environments.
  • Plan moves and changes then update the floorplan instantly.
  • Understand space usage in a facility visually.
  • Track remote employees or company locations on Google Maps.
  • Access the floorplan from anywhere on any device.
  • Create custom employee details to keep track of staff records.
  • Embed a floorplan on an intranet or web facing site.

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