What is a Static Floorplan?

In StaffMap, a dynamic floorplan can be saved as a JPG image or exported to PDF. These files are the most up to date representation of the dynamic floorplan and have been optimized for print and online distribution. A static floorplan can be distributed without installing StaffMap to a web server.

You can easily design a company floorplan with StaffMap on your own computer and distribute it quickly.

How to Save Static Floorplans:

  1. Open the Sidebar Menu.
  2. Select the Tools menu item.

3. Select the Print Floors menu item.

4. Select the Panel Theme, if required. Panel themes can be used to customize the visual look of printed floors.

5. Select the desired floors to be printed, then select the Print Floors button.

6. On the resulting page, right click an image and select "Save Image As' to save the image to your computer.