Admin Guide

As an administrator in StaffMap, you can manage floorplan layouts, staff details, staff map, project security, and asset tracking as well as control the look and feel of the project.

Admin users can also utilize project reports to leverage data collected about user activity and optimize the project's content.

Lastly, administrators in StaffMap can export floorplans to various formats.

In This Section

Projects are the containers that hold floorplans as well as employees, desks, and assets.

The Side Menu is a treeview of menu items and tools in the project.

Floors are the images that desks, employees, and other project information is mapped to.

Keep track of remote employees and assets, or create a clickable map of office locations.

Manage employee information and placements.

Manage desk information and placements.

Manage asset information and placements.

Import employee, desk and asset information from AD, Azure AD, CSV, or REST API.

Visual filters to simplify the display.

Interactive directories used to view and quickly find information and panels.

Reports help users and administrators to quickly view useful information such as employee lists or security lists.

Embed Staffmap via iFrame in other applications or web pages.

Permanent desk placements can now be requested by users or administrators, and placed in a queue to be approved or denied.

Customize permissions and visibility of pages per group.

Edit the look and feel of your projects.