Themes and Styles

The look and feel of StaffMap 2 can be changed using themes and styles.

Themes are packages of styles that can be changed through the Project Settings. Several themes are included with StaffMap, and additional themes can be created at any time.

Project Themes allow you to change the general look and feel of any project element, such as the menu, panels, and header. Panel Themes allow you to specifically change the look and feel of the panels in your projects. Panel themes are also used to customize panel styles when printing to exporting to PDF or printing to JPG. Themes can be used by all projects.

The Edit Styles tool can be used to apply additional custom styles to an individual project. The Edit Styles tool is a great place to add Custom Panel Classes and Custom Desk Classes. Custom panel classes are used to visually style panels according to specific panel fields. For example, if you have a department field, you can assign different colours to panels depending on which department an employee belongs to. Similarly, custom desk classes can be used to visually style desks based on their names.