Deleting Bookings

Deleting a booking is done through the Booking form. A user can either find their booking on the floorplan to open this panel or find their booking using the My Bookings tool.

How to Delete a Booking on a Floorplan (current day bookings only)

  1. Open the project floorplan that the booking was made on.
  2. Click the Show Bookings For date at the bottom of the screen to select the date that your booking is on.

3. Click the booked desk on the floorplan to display the Booking form (booked desks will display an employee name over the Desk icon).

4. In the Booking form, select the Edit button.

5. Select the Delete button.

How to Delete a Booking in My Bookings:

  1. In the Sidebar Menu, select Tools > Bookings > My Bookings or My Weekly Bookings.

2. Select the booking to be deleted.

3. Select the red '-' button to delete the booking.