Editing Bookings

Bookings can be edited either by revisiting the desk on a floorplan and selecting it, or with the My Bookings tool. The floorplan will only show bookings for the date and time frame that is currently set. To edit past or future bookings, use the My Bookings tool. The Booking form contains all details related to the reservation.

How to Edit a Booking on a Floorplan:

  1. Open the project floorplan that the booking was made on.
  2. Click the Show Bookings For date at the bottom right of the screen to select the date that your booking is on.

3. Click the booked desk on the floorplan to display the Booking form, and click the Edit button.

2. In the Booking form, select any of the detail fields to edit them.

3. Select the Save button to confirm the changes made to the form.

How to Edit a Booking using My Bookings:

  1. In the Sidebar Menu, select Tools > Bookings> My Bookings or My Weekly Bookings.

2. Select a booking from the list to open the Booking form. In this panel, you can click Edit, then select the Date, or Desk field values to change them. If the user has permissions to Book for Others then they will be able to select the Booking For value to edit it as well.

3. Select the Save button to instantly update the booking information.