Annotation Layers

Annotation layers can be used to draw shapes, arrows, text and overlays on top of floorplans. This can be useful for things like emergency plans, department colour overlays, legends, and move management.

Adding an Annotation Layer

1. Click the quick search field, then the Layer icon.

Note: Users must have ‘Edit Side Menu’ permission to manage layers

2. Select the green Add Layer button.

3. Give the Layer a name, and select annotation as the Type. Check Applied if you want the annotation layer to be visible by default.

4. Select the Save button.

Drawing an Annotation Layer

Note - Drawing Annotation layers is not supported in Internet Explorer.

1. Click the Layers icon to view the Visible Layers.

2. Click the paint icon next to the annotation layer you want to edit.

3. Use the various painting tools to draw shapes, arrows, areas etc.

4. Click the Save button at the top right to save your changes, or the Cancel button to discard changes.

Note - In some cases you may want to immediately share annotation layers that are normally non-visible. This can be done with URL parameters.