Auto-Sync Desks and Assets with CSV

How to Auto-Sync with CSV

Staffmap can auto-sync Desks and Assets with a CSV file placed in the project directory.

  1. Generate an API key. Sign in as an admin, then go Tools > Project > Project Settings and click create in the API Key field.

2. Generate a fieldmap URL. You can do this by initiating a manual desk or asset sync. When the import completes, the fieldmap URL will be visible in your browsers URL bar. Edit the fieldmap to ensure that the API key generated in step 1 is included in the URL (bolded below).





3. For assets, create or rename a CSV file called syncassets.csv containing your data. For desks, create or rename a CSV file called syncdesks.csv, Ensure the column headings exactly match the originally imported CSV.

4. Write either CSV file to the {project}\import folder.

e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\StaffMap 4\YourProject\import.

5. Open the fieldmap URL in a browser to initiate the CSV import of your choice.