Importing to a Desk

Employees can be imported or synced via CSV or Active Directory and placed directly at a desk. This can be a great time saver on an initial import, or when you have employees moving from desk to desk frequently.

How to Import to a Desk

  1. Start the initial import or sync process, through CSV or Active Directly. If you're using a CSV, make sure a 'deskname' column exists containing a list of exact desk names. If you're using Active Directory, make sure the exact desk names exist as a value in an attribute.
  2. In the import/sync mapping screen, assign the deskname column or attribute to the desk field in StaffMap, as shown below:

3. Once the import/sync is complete, employees will be moved to their designated desks. Employees can not be at more than one desk at a time, and if duplicate desk names exist in the CSV or AD, preference will be given to the last employee processed.