Installing StaffMap Remotely

StaffMap can be installed to a web-facing server or an intranet server via FTP. Once StaffMap has been installed locally, connect to the server you wish to install StaffMap on and copy the StaffMap files from the local installation to the server's file directory.

Note - If you are looking to install StaffMap as a web application on a third party hosting provider, make sure they support .NET Framework 4 or higher, and ASP.NET, and have an administrative console to assign permissions from. Please see our list of recommended hosts here.

Installing StaffMap via FTP

  1. Download and install StaffMap locally.
  2. Open the installation folder and connect to your server via FTP.
    • This can be done in the Windows File Explorer or an FTP client like FileZilla.
Opening both the local StaffMap folder and the remote StaffMap folder in Windows File Explorer

3. Make a subfolder called StaffMap

    • You can rename this folder to something else if you wish (e.g. CompanyMap or CompanyFloorplan).
Making a StaffMap folder in the server via FTP

4. Excluding the 'bin' folder and the 'web.config' file, copy the files in your StaffMap file directory (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Staffmap 3\) to the StaffMap file directory on your server.

Copying over everything in the folder but the bin and the web.config

5. Copy the 'bin' folder and the 'web.config' file to the root of your domain

    • e.g.
    • e.g.
Copying over the bin and the web.config

6. After the file transfer is completed, you may run StaffMap by entering the location of the StaffMap file folder on your server into a browser's URL bar.

7. If a 'read-only' error occurs, assign the appropriate write permissions to the folder.