Floor Properties

  1. Open the Sidebar Menu and select the floor you would like to edit.

2. Select the Edit button from the top toolbar.

3. In the resulting Floor Properties panel, edit the Floor Name, Icon, scale, panel theme, or Image URL (although the floorplan image will change, the position of any desks or staff panels on that floor will not. An administrator may need to re-position these elements of the floor if the image is changed).

Note - The Image IRL can be changed to a remote URL e.g. http://www.trystaffmap.com/Employee%20Demo/images/floor1.jpg

4. Select the Save button to confirm your changes.

Properties Explanation





Image URL


Panel Theme

Adjust the display name of the floorplan.

Displays the unique ID of the floor. This can be useful when generating floor links via URL Parameters.

Type of object in the side menu.

The display icon of the floorplan in the side menu. Click the dropdown to select an existing icon, or click the + button to upload your own icon.

The direct path to the floorplan image in the project directory. Click the + to upload a new image. Adjusting the Image URL will change the floorplan background image, but retain all of the overlying information (employee panels, desk panels etc.).

Adjust the slider to scale the floorplan larger or smaller relative to the panels.

Optionally apply a custom CSS theme to the floorplan.