Service Pack History

Current Version: StaffMap 3.2.0

Download the full installation file for the latest service pack:

Service Pack 3.2.0 Change Log

Staff List Next Page – Clicking the next page link in the staff list did not work.

Google Calendar – Invalid URL error occurred in Google calendar if .ics file contained a space.

Date Range – The ‘Show Bookings For’ calendar now allows selection of specific times within a day, rather than the whole day.

Employee Limit Reached – In some cases the ‘employee limit reached’ message incorrectly appeared when editing assets.

Double Quotes in Name – If the employee firstname or lastname contained double quotes, an error occurred in the staff list while in floorplan edit mode.

Duplicate Outlook Calendar – If an .ics link was clicked to import the calendar into Outlook, it created a duplicate calendar each time.

CSV Sync DeskName – If the desk column value was blank when syncing a .CSV file, an error occurred.

Move Old Desk Pin – The pending moves list did not show the ‘old desk pin’