Service Pack History

Current Version: 

StaffMap 4.6.1

Added Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) group selection. 

Dependency updates.  

Download the full installation file for the latest service pack:

Previous Versions:

StaffMap 4.5k

Code optimization. 

StaffMap 4.5i

iFrame bug fixed. Email notification bug fixed. 

StaffMap 4.5b

Bookings no longer purged. Option added to Project settings. 

StaffMap 4.4

Popup desk list now shows available desks based on the booking form date. 

StaffMap 4.3

Miscellaneous load-time optimizations. 

StaffMap 4.2h

Increased JSON character limit for API requests. 

StaffMap 4.21

Miscellaneous bug fixes related to permissions and bookings. 

StaffMap 4.2

Deskname field on employee profiles optimized to improve performance. 

StaffMap 4.14

Bug fix for CSV Image imports. 

StaffMap 4.0

New major version release.