Running StaffMap

If StaffMap was installed on an individual PC and will be run by one administrator (no other users), the software can be run from the Start Menu as shown below. If StaffMap will be run in a network environment from a web server, users need to enter the URL address directly into a browser's URL bar.

Running StaffMap from a PC

  1. Click Start > All Programs > StaffMap 4

2. The StaffMap manage projects page will appear.

Running StaffMap from a Web Server

If StaffMap was installed to a web server, users will enter the application URL address directly into their browser.

The syntax is: http://<servername>/staffmap4

  • Example 1: http://WebServer1/staffmap4 (Running on an Intranet).
  • Example 2: (Running on the Internet).
  • Example 3: (Opens a specific StaffMap project).