Editing a Theme

The Themes tool allows you to edit project specific CSS styles to change the look and feel of your project. The Edit Styles tool can also be used to add Custom Panel Classes and Custom Desk Classes.

How to Edit a Theme

  1. Open a StaffMap project.
  2. Open the Sidebar Menu.
  3. Go to Tools > Project > Project Settings.
  4. Select the Theme dropdown, then click the pencil icon next to the theme you'd like to edit. You'll then see the editing screen.

Edit Panel Fields

Toggle the visible fields for each panel type (Employee, Asset, Desk). Fields will be displayed in the sample panel in the order they are clicked.

Note - Any changes made to visible fields or CSS of panels will be immediately visible in the test panels.

Edit CSS

CSS for the project can be directly edited in the CSS field. This is generally used to apply custom styles to panels, but almost any aspect of the project (toolbar color, font size etc.) can be customized here.

Note - A list of common selectors is available here: CSS Style Guide