Installing StaffMap Locally

StaffMap will install to the folder specified during setup. If the software is to be run in a network environment, it is a good practice to install StaffMap to a designated web server. Ensure that your workstation or web server meets the recommended requirements as outlined on the System Requirements page.

Note - The default installation directory for StaffMap is C:\Program Files (x86)\StaffMap 4.

How to Install StaffMap:

  1. Download StaffMap from

  2. If you are downloading the StaffMap Installation file using Chrome and the following message appears, click the arrow and select 'Keep'.

3. Run the installer file Staffmap4.msi.

4. You will be asked to accept the license agreement. Check 'I accept the terms in the License Agreement' and then click 'Install' to continue the installation.

5. Setup is ready to begin installing. Click 'Install' to continue.

6. When complete, a message will appear indicating that the setup has finished installing StaffMap on your computer. Click 'Finish' to complete the installation.

7. When you run StaffMap for the first time (you can find the executable file in your start menu), a browser installation file will run, completing the set up. You will see a status message on a white background in your browser.

8. StaffMap can also be run by entering localhost/staffmap4 in your browser's URL bar.


  1. If you see a blank screen, or 'page not found' message after installing, restart the machine. That will usually correct this issue.

  2. Try running StaffMap with the URL: “localhost/staffmap4”. This will bypass any firewalls blocking StaffMap.

  3. If StaffMap still does not load, and the screen is blank or an error appears, try the following: