(Hosted Version) is a hosted version of StaffMap that was designed with ease of use in mind. Using our hosted service, you can avoid the hassle of on-premise installation, server maintenance, and applying application updates. Anyone within your company will be able to quickly create professional floorplans, manage employees, and book desks, on a responsive site that can run in all browsers on all platforms.

Additional Notes

  • uses SSL to ensure that data transmitted between the browser and web server is encrypted and secure.
  • The self-hosted version and cloud version of Staffmap are fully compatible.
  • If you subscribe now but decide to switch to self-hosted later, your projects can be easily moved over.
  • Daily backs are performed, but you can also backup your projects manually as often as you’d like.

A2Hosting is used to host For more information regarding A2Hosting and data centers, please visit .