Importing to a Floor

Employees can be imported or synced via CSV or Active Directory and placed directly on a specified floor. The employees will be placed at the top left of the targeted floor, and can then be easily dragged into position.

How to Import to a Floor

  1. Start the initial import or sync process, through CSV or Active Directly. If you're using a CSV, make sure a 'Floor Name' column exists containing a list of exact desk names. If you're using Active Directory, make sure the exact floor name exists as a value in an attribute.
  2. In the import/sync mapping screen, assign the floor name column or attribute to the floorname field in StaffMap, as shown:

Note - Do not import to a floorname and deskname at the same time. These methods are not compatible with each other, and may cause import/sync errors.

3. Once the import/sync is complete, employees will be moved to the top left of a floor. Employees can not be on more than one floor at a time.