Field Properties

The Employee, Desk, Asset, Booking, and Move Forms are fully customizable. Any number of text, memo, list, checkbox, number, date, or phone fields can be added to the forms.

Field Properties

  1. In the Side Menu, select Staff.
  2. Select any record in the list to open their details Form.
  3. When the Form appears, click the Edit button.
  4. At the bottom of the Form, select Edit Fields.

5. Change the name of a field by clicking the name, and editing. This will only be possible on non-core fields. Non-editable field names will be greyed out.

6. Edit the properties of the field by clicking the dropdown icon to the right of the field names. Some properties will display an icon on the Fields form indicating they have been activated.

7. Optionally, apply a default value that will always be initially applied to the field.

8. Optionally, apply a field alias. The field alias is a label that will be visible instead of the default name. For example, you could use the alias to display 'User Name' instead of the default 'username'.

9. Click the Save button to apply any changes.

Field Type Guide










One-line text field for short details (e.g. Title, Department). Max length is 100 characters.

A resizable text box for larger details (e.g. Notes). Max length is unlimited.

A drop-down of list values. Each line denotes a new value.

Toggle checkbox.

One-line field containing a numeric value (e.g. Employee ID).

Text that displays a calendar selector when clicked on.

One-line text field for numbers in a phone format (e.g. 1234.567.8900).