Backing up a Project

Administrators may need to move their project from one installation of StaffMap to another, or want to secure a backup of their work. Backing up a StaffMap project can be done easily and quickly with the 'Backup' tool in the Sidebar Menu.

StaffMap project back ups need to be made using the 'Backup' tool. Back ups will have the file suffix '*'.

How to Back Up a Project from the 'Manage Projects' Form:

  1. Run StaffMap to display the Manage Projects Form.

2. Select the grey 'Info' button beside the project you want to back up.

3. Select the Backup button in the resulting window.

4. Wait for the back up file to compile and then save the file to a specified location on the server.

How to Back Up a StaffMap Project with the 'Backup' Tool:

  1. Open your StaffMap project and log in as a user with sufficient permissions to back up projects.
  2. Open the Sidebar Menu > Tools > Project
  3. Select the Backup tool.

4. The backup file will be compiled and saved to the default Downloads folder.