Enable ICalendars

You can export your bookings in an iCalendar .ics format. iCalendar is the standard for calendar data exchange over the Internet, and .ics is the standard format for iCalendar information. The calendar is saved as an .ics file that can be imported into any calendar application that supports .ics (Google, Outlook, Yahoo etc.).

iCalendars are available for company or project-wide bookings, or can be enabled for specific employees. iCalendars are only re-generated when bookings are added, edited, or deleted.

Note - Each company and employee iCalendar will contain a unique id (example: company_2018101724765148.ics or 201503260448275312.ics). Only today and future bookings are included in the .ics to a maximum 2000 events.

Enabling the Company iCalendar

1. Go to Tools > Project > Project Settings.

2. Use the iCal toggles to enable the calendar for Desks, Offices, and/or Meeting rooms.

3. Select the Save button to confirm changes.

Enabling the Employee iCalendar

1. Select an employee, either from the floorplan or an Employee List.

2. Select the Edit button at the top left of the Employee Details panel.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the panel, and toggle on Enable My iCal.

Accessing iCalendars

Once iCalendars are enabled, a link to the calendar will be displayed whenever a booking is created, modified, or deleted.

The Company iCalendar link can be found at all times in Tools > Project Settings:

If an employee has an iCalendar enabled, the link can be found next to the Enable My iCal field when editing Employee Details:

Importing iCalendars into Other Applications

iCalendar is the standard for calendar data exchange over the Internet, and ics files can be opened in a variety of programs. Please refer to the links below for specific instructions on importing ics files to popular applications.


Outlook Live

Google Calendar

Yahoo Calendar

iPhone Calendar

iPad Calendar

Android Calendar