What is a Shared Desk?

In StaffMap, a shared desk is bookable work space in the facility that can be reserved for a specific amount of time by an employee, visitor, or client. Shared desks are sometimes called hot-desks and the practice of reserving a work space can be sometimes called hotelling. Co-working is a term used to describe a working environment where several unrelated professionals work in the same location. StaffMap can facilitate a flexible, fluid, or open office layout, or co-working through its desk booking system.

Sharing Space is an Efficient Use of Space

The modern workplace is fluid. Workforces have become much more contingent, dynamic, mobile, and physical working spaces need to make sure they can accommodate this shift. Employees who work from several locations often do not need a permanent space in the office. Making use of space that staff do not need around the clock is essential to optimizing space usage.

StaffMap can introduce a flexible working environment to your office where finding and booking desks for any period of time is simple and efficient.

StaffMap is the Best Tool to Implement a Shared Desk System

StaffMap is designed to successfully manage co-working and shared desk booking in any facility. StaffMap offers an intuitive desk booking system for employees or visitors looking to reserve work space daily.

Users can choose their booking date on a calendar and then their work space on the floorplan. All bookings are then displayed showing the user who booked them. As well, users can book desks from anywhere over the internet when a StaffMap project is publicly hosted. Any StaffMap project can be accessed through mobile or desktop devices.

With StaffMap's robust booking management system, double bookings are eliminated and workspace usage is optimized, reducing facility costs.

Shared Space is Efficient Space