Import from Active Directory

Importing from Active Directory will only add users. It will not remove or modify existing users.

Importing from Active Directory

  1. Open a StaffMap project.
  2. Open the Sidebar Menu and select Tools > Project > Import.
  3. Under the Employees heading, select Import from AD.

4. If this is the first import or sync, you'll be prompted to enter connection settings. Otherwise, you'll be taken directly to the mapping screen.

5. On the mapping screen, use the dropdowns on the left side to map AD attributes to Staffmap fields.

e.g. Map the AD attribute 'samaccountname' to the Staffmap field 'username'.

The left side of the mapping screen allows you to match Staffmap fields to any of the available Active Directory attributes.

The right side of the mapping screen shows the fields and information available from Active Directory.

6. Select Import to finalize your selections and import the specified users.