Replacing a Floor Image

Floorplans often change, with new layouts, walls added or removed, etc. The background image of any floor can be replaced at any time to reflect those changes, while retaining the placement of desks and employee panels.

  1. Prepare the new floorplan image. It should be in a JPG format, and the same size in pixel as the old image.
  2. Place the new image in the Image folder of the target project. This is usually located at C:\Program Files\StaffMap 3\YourProjectName\Images. It is possible to directly overwrite the old image by using the same name, but it's recommended to give the new image a different name, and follow the next steps to swap to it from within StaffMap.
  3. Open the Sidebar Menu and select the floor you would like to edit.

4. Select the Edit button from the top toolbar.

5. In the resulting 'Floor Properties' panel, edit the Image URL to point to the new image. Although the floorplan image will change, the position of any desks or staff panels on that floor will not. If you don't see a change immediately, please refresh your browser cache, or hard refresh by pressing CTRL+F5.

Note - The Image IRL can also be changed to a remote URL e.g.

6. Select the Save button to confirm your changes.